10 Things I’ve Learned as a Single Mom

1. There are never enough hours in the day

2. Breakfast for dinner is OK

3. Being a single mom with a chronic illness means some days my kids put themselves to bed, and it won’t kill them

4. Kids survive divorce, and so do you

5. Overcompensating for the absent parent only tires you out to a point where you become unable to provide

6. Some days you want to crawl back to bed, some days you can take on the world, and some days you feel both during the same day

7. Asking for help is the most difficult thing for me because single parents are “expected” to handle it all. And it’s a lie.

8. If given the choice between cleaning or playing Battleship!, pick Battleship!

9. Take time out for yourself as often as possible. It refills your sanity basket.

10. Laugh


As a mom of 2 kids I am constantly feeling splintered. What does that mean?

For me it’s when I have so many things going on at home and at work that I have trouble focusing on what I should be doing RIGHT NOW. It’s a problem!

Because I am divorced and the kids Dad lives 2 states away I feel I have to overcompensate for the lack of a father, a lot. So when the girl’s girl scout troop needs a new leader—I said yes. Same with the boy’s tiger scout troop.

So Monday morning rolls around and I sit at my desk and think: I have that project due, and those 2 meetings to prepare for, plus I need to hit JoAnn’s to get Girl Scout supplies for the meeting tomorrow and write up the agenda and call back that lady, oh and I need to read over what the tiger’s need to do this week and schedule an outing…plus what are we going to eat for dinner, the boy has no more underwear, and we have no food in the house.

Am I alone or do other people feel this way?

We’ve Been to This Rodeo Before

Today my son had his 5th ear tube surgery. He turns 7 in a few months. I know I know…I shouldn’t have stuffed his ears full of candy canes and marbles but no one bothers to tell you these things in birthing classes.

We go to the surgery center, armed only with my iPad, his favorite blanket, and snuggly. You could tell we’d ridden this ride AND bought the t-shirt. I watched another couple come in with 2 big bags, a regular sized pillow, and Candy Land. Hmm…

We walked out 2 hours later and he was a new man. He had lost significant hearing because of all the candy canes and marbles. I’m grateful I don’t have to scream at him so he can hear me. The looks I was getting in the stores…
“Herald, why is she SCREAMING at that poor little boy?”
“huh?” grunted Herald.

The best part of this surgery center…they gave out TOYS. And not crappy toys either. He got a Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu spinners. What do you mean you’ve never heard of them? Whatever. They are cool and he’s wanted them for a while. Win-Win!