As a mom of 2 kids I am constantly feeling splintered. What does that mean?

For me it’s when I have so many things going on at home and at work that I have trouble focusing on what I should be doing RIGHT NOW. It’s a problem!

Because I am divorced and the kids Dad lives 2 states away I feel I have to overcompensate for the lack of a father, a lot. So when the girl’s girl scout troop needs a new leader—I said yes. Same with the boy’s tiger scout troop.

So Monday morning rolls around and I sit at my desk and think: I have that project due, and those 2 meetings to prepare for, plus I need to hit JoAnn’s to get Girl Scout supplies for the meeting tomorrow and write up the agenda and call back that lady, oh and I need to read over what the tiger’s need to do this week and schedule an outing…plus what are we going to eat for dinner, the boy has no more underwear, and we have no food in the house.

Am I alone or do other people feel this way?


2 thoughts on “Splintered

  1. One lesson that I’ve learned so far is to prioritize. Not everything can be done, something will have to go. So all you can do is think: what is absolutely necessary? What will I feel really crappy about if I have to give it up? It’s not easy at all but helps me focus on what matters most. I work a lot from home so it’s often tempting to be working on the computer constantly with my baby beside me. But at some point I realized that if I pay a sitter to take him for a walk, he gets to see the sun and I get way more work done, and then I have time to actually read him a bed time story and spend some quality time together.

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