MiniCamp Task #4: Delegate Chores

clickToday’s task is to delegate three household chores to your kids. Giving kids chores may seem like more work at first, but it’s as close to a parenting “sure thing” as you can get. Not only will you gradually reduce your workload, you’ll teach your kids practical, esteem-building skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

My son has recently told me he wants the Skylander wii game. Do you know about this? It’s $70 for the game, and all the PARTS to the game. WTF wii?

Well I said, “Are you paying for it?” Then I remembered, I don’t give him an allowance. Together we decided he can earn 1/2 of the game by doing chores (above his normal chores). Once he fills up his chore chart, he will pay for the other 1/2 with birthday money.

So now I’m having all SORTS of chores done!


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