Single Mom’s Mother’s Day

screaming-womanMother’s day when you are a single Mom blows. Am I right?

In years past I admit to feeling jealous of the other mother’s whose husbands would take their kids out and get/make presents for their Mom. Maybe even out to dinner! OoOoO! Suffice it to say, it’s not my favorite holiday.

The burden of taking care of these kids was ALL MINE.  I was performing a job that was meant to be done with two people and a village. To say it’s exhausting is like saying a hurricane is a bit windy.  I will get a cute present that the kids make with all their heart. And I won’t say I don’t LOVE those, because I do. But there were times when I would swear about the day because for me, it was just another day.

  • Get woken up Get up
  • Become a short-order cook Make breakfast
  • Do my slave work Entertain children, cook, clean, laundry…

However, things are changing. My kids are older. My daughter often makes breakfast on weekends because she LIKES to. And it’s very edible, to boot! I am trying to take better care of myself so I don’t feel like a victim or a martyr as often. But best of all, my fiancé says this to me the other day:

So this Sunday is Mother’s Day. The kids and I should probably do something for you. At the very least let you relax as much as possible.

That’s progress people. I like it!

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