Run a Marathon Without Standing Up!

Are you here because you want to know how to run a marathon without standing up?

You can’t.

But while you’re here, let me say I feel like I ran a marathon. Why so weary? Simple. I went to the YMCA with kids last night. I walked a quarter-mile around the track—with frequent stops to peer down into the basketball court while my son played with other kids. Then, my foot started acting up.

I have a bone spur (bunion) and it really bothers me. I have custom shoe inserts. I wear them faithfully. If I do any length of walking, my foot hurts. Even with cortizone shots. Only options left is surgery.

The rest of the evening I read my book while the kids went up and down the climbing wall. SUPER strenuous, I know. Yet, today, bone weary.

Well…I’m also doing a lot of over-time at work. 2 hours a day to be exact. So on top of all the other things this Momma (and every other Momma) has to do in a day—I also work at my job for 10-hours. That might be a part of it.

But I’m not complaining about working. I want to work. It’s good money, and I need money. The kids Dad still has no job, which means no child support. I make ends meet but not without some serious budgeting and prioritizing. And my rent is going up. And the kids need clothes (thank God for Goodwill) and they need food (thank God for Aldi’s)…and yadda yadda. Oh, and I haven’t actually been able to contribute financially to this big party coming up in October—the wedding.

Apparently the pity wagon made a stop at my house! Well…those boot straps won’t pull themselves up…time to make dinner.