10 Things I’m Thankful for & Reasons to Bitch this Thanksgiving

  1. I only had bronchitis and not pneumonia
  2. The dealership I bought a used minivan from began shuddering 20 miles into the first leg of a 1,600 mile trip
  3. During the first leg I had to stop for kid pee breaks 8 times.
  4. We were able to keep the shudder to a minimum by staying under 70 mph during the 2nd leg of the trip
  5. The tire shop I brought the van to told me, “This is a MUCH bigger problem than just wheel balancing. Go to a dealership”
  6. The in-town (not my hometown) dealership told me I needed wheel balancing.
  7. After paying for the 2nd wheel balancing of the day I was told I actually needed a new transmission.
  8. Due to hurricane Sandy the only rental car agency that HAD cars was 1 hour north at the airport.
  9. Driving home from the airport we hit a freak snow storm but the rental did pretty good.
  10. After the 4th leg of the trip was finished I got a call saying it was NOT the transmission but the tire was full of WATER (long explanation). Axle repaired, tire repaired, car ready. But I am 2.5 hours from where the car resides and it’s Wednesday.

10 Things I’ve Learned as a Single Mom

1. There are never enough hours in the day

2. Breakfast for dinner is OK

3. Being a single mom with a chronic illness means some days my kids put themselves to bed, and it won’t kill them

4. Kids survive divorce, and so do you

5. Overcompensating for the absent parent only tires you out to a point where you become unable to provide

6. Some days you want to crawl back to bed, some days you can take on the world, and some days you feel both during the same day

7. Asking for help is the most difficult thing for me because single parents are “expected” to handle it all. And it’s a lie.

8. If given the choice between cleaning or playing Battleship!, pick Battleship!

9. Take time out for yourself as often as possible. It refills your sanity basket.

10. Laugh