We’ve Been to This Rodeo Before

Today my son had his 5th ear tube surgery. He turns 7 in a few months. I know I know…I shouldn’t have stuffed his ears full of candy canes and marbles but no one bothers to tell you these things in birthing classes.

We go to the surgery center, armed only with my iPad, his favorite blanket, and snuggly. You could tell we’d ridden this ride AND bought the t-shirt. I watched another couple come in with 2 big bags, a regular sized pillow, and Candy Land. Hmm…

We walked out 2 hours later and he was a new man. He had lost significant hearing because of all the candy canes and marbles. I’m grateful I don’t have to scream at him so he can hear me. The looks I was getting in the stores…
“Herald, why is she SCREAMING at that poor little boy?”
“huh?” grunted Herald.

The best part of this surgery center…they gave out TOYS. And not crappy toys either. He got a Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu spinners. What do you mean you’ve never heard of them? Whatever. They are cool and he’s wanted them for a while. Win-Win!