Weekly Menu

I am always on the lookout for dinner ideas (that I can accomplish). So let me repay the world by giving you MY list.IMG_3187

French toast with fruit smoothies
That means my kids eat eggs! And the smoothie is frozen fruit quickly thawed in hot water. Throw in some milk, OJ, and yogurt. I have also been known to throw in some puree carrots or peas. They never knew what hit them

Baked chicken legs, rice, any raw veggie child willingly eats

Spaghetti with meat sauce
Again with the hidden carrots

Snack dinner
peanuts, yogurt, lunch meat, crackers, raw veggies and fruit, milk.

Homemade pizza
Kids now like green peppers! Another win!

Chicken fried rice
Cook chicken strips in frying pan with a touch of oil. Take leftover rice from the other day, throw it in there with peas or corn. Soy sauce, a little oil, salt, pepper, maybe onion. Done. Pair with oranges.

Shrimp scampi
Seriously. Easiest thing to make. Saute butter and garlic with precook end shrimp. Make noodles and throw together.